Try It Out

Now, it’s time to reflect on what you’ve learned about Mental Health and how you’ll put it into practice in your life!

In this section, we will guide you in two Try It Out lectures – one focused on your own mental health and one focused on coaching others. Throughout the videos, she’ll prompt you to stop and jot down your thoughts. Follow along with your Whole-Person Health Journal.

After this exploration, we encourage you to complete the provided assignments to put what you’ve learned into practice.

Apply What You’ve Learned

Use the following activities to put what you’ve learned about mental health into practice. While these activities aren’t mandatory, they’re valuable exercises to support your personal growth. Choose an activity to get started.

Cultivate Resilience Daily

This activity will help you cultivate resilience through life’s daily challenges by finding the positives in tough situations.

Multidimensional Aspects of Mental Health

This activity will help you reflect on the multidimensional aspects of stress, processing emotions, and resilience and guide you in taking action steps in these areas of whole-person health.

Proactively Plan for Self-Care

This will help you plan both short and more indulgent practices of self-care so you are ready to act whenever you need to reduce stress.


Here’s a recap of what you learned in Module 3.

  • Stress starts as a physical response in your body, and it can impact all body systems over time.
  • Stress is a natural part of life, but you can choose how you respond to and support yourself through it.
  • Separating your body’s physiological sensations from the thoughts your mind assigns to a situation allows you to be more open to finding creative solutions.
  • Allowing yourself space to process your emotions helps you move through them in empowering ways.
  • You have the power to build resilience to support personal growth.