Connect with Your Personal Identity
“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

– Aristotle


Like emotional health, a core aspect of spiritual health is introspection. In this case, introspection includes turning inward in order to understand how you relate to everything and everyone around you. Pursuing deeper self-awareness can help you connect with all parts of yourself. Part of being human is accepting our natural limitations and functioning the best we know how with what we’re given. Honoring who and where you are right now can help you adapt as your circumstances, priorities, needs, and goals change over time.

Who Am I?

“Who am I?” is perhaps one of life’s biggest, or at least most frequently asked, questions – one that, at times, may seem bewildering. Personal identity includes the many layers that comprise your authentic self. Together, these layers form the more tangible, human part of your spirituality. Your identity is your vehicle for carrying out your purpose, which you’ll learn more about later in this module.

Being authentic to who you are and connecting with yourself will help guide you on your path to self-discovery and finding meaning in life. But how do you determine who you are, and why is this an important question? What factors come into play when considering this?

Some factors might feel relatively simple. For instance:

  • Birth order
  • Education
  • Income
  • Job
  • Name
  • Nationality
  • Relationships

It may feel easy to define yourself by straightforward factors like these as well as other categories you consider more fixed. However, this can limit your understanding of the complex person you are.

Connecting to who you are on multiple levels can help you align who you are with what you do. It can help you live a life of deeper meaning. Read “Who Am I?” How to Find Your Sense of Self(this link opens in a new window/tab)  in the Content Library to explore your personal identity.

Live in Alignment

The process of discovering and rediscovering your true self is bio-individual. How can you live in alignment (this link opens in a new window/tab)  with your core self? Part of it is listening to and trusting your inner voice. Exploring introspective approaches – meditation, journaling, yoga, etc. – can also help you strengthen your intuition, become more present, and connect with who you are. There are truly unlimited options for growth.

Understanding these elements of your identity can help you connect with others in more meaningful ways. Check out the PDF Honor Bio-Individuality Through Personal Identity(this link opens in a new window/tab)  in the Content Library to explore this idea more.

Gain Clarity

You are constantly evolving, and you have infinite potential(this link opens in a new window/tab) . You always have the opportunity to grow in ways that support who you want to be and what you want to offer the world.

Truly knowing yourself helps you know what you have to offer others. This includes knowing the more superficial layers, like what you do professionally, as well as the deeper layers, like how you connect with your spirituality. What makes you unique? What experiences have made you who you are today? The answers to these questions can help you connect with your greater purpose.