Move Forward with Spiritual Health

Remember the Big Picture

As with all pillars of whole-person health, focus on balance. Just as you balance physical exertion with rest, mental focus with mental rest, and emotional processing with self-care, create space for spiritual balance as well. Not everything you do has to be aligned with your greater purpose. You don’t always have to feel attuned to a greater energy or spend time connecting with or positively affecting other people. Live your life, and know that your spiritual health is part of you. It’s always there when you need or want to connect to it.

Pause and Reflect

What gets you out of bed in the morning? What lights you up? What inspires or motivates you? Questions like these can help you connect with your purpose. Don’t limit yourself as you think about this; it doesn’t need to be big. The smallest thing, like the joy you get from making your partner a cup of coffee, could lead you to serving people, creating new coffee flavors, or designing coffee mugs. The route to connecting with purpose is often simpler and easier than you might think.

You have the power to make your own meaning out of your life experiences. Spiritual alignment can be described as making choices that connect you to a greater sense of meaning or purpose. Spiritual health is finding your purpose and  finding purpose in everything. It’s knowing you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

There are many possible pieces to spiritual health, but here are a few things to keep in mind as you continue your journey.

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Keep both the bigger picture and living your life in mind.
These pieces are meant to coexist. Live your life while creating space to connect to what’s greater and make deeper meaning out of your experiences.

Know that there are infinite entry points to spiritual health.
Tap into things in plain sight or tap into a greater energy source. Think about what instills feelings of connection, joy, peace, or faith.

Remember that your journey will be bio-individual.
Some people spend a long time trying to connect with a purpose, while others realize they’ve already found it in what they enjoy! Your path is your path, and no one else’s.

Trust that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.
Trust that you’re on the right path. Trust that who you are is the foundation of your greater purpose. And trust that you’re never alone.