Put It All Together

In this video, Coach Anna reminds you of IIN’s core philosophies and shares her key takeaways from the Whole-Person Health Course.

The Whole-Person Health Plan

To prepare you for your ongoing holistic health journey, we’ll help you set yourself up for success with the Whole-Person Health Plan. You will use practices, habits, and skills you’ve learned to create a customized action plan that you can use for future success beyond this course.

Where will you take it from here? It’s completely up to you! You have many resources in this course to inspire ideas, and you know yourself best.

Health Coaches can also use this tool with clients to support their ongoing whole-person health journeys.

Build Your Own Whole-Person Health Plan

Use what you learned to create a plan that will empower you on your health journey or try this tool with clients in your health coaching practice. Use the Whole-Person Health Plan to get started!