Try It Out

Now that you’ve heard on the topic of whole-person health, it’s time to reflect on what you’ve learned and how you’ll put it into practice in your life!

Time to apply what you’ve learned! In this section of the program, you’ll dive into your first Try It Out session. We will guide you in a Try It Out lecture focused on your own health journey. Throughout the video, we will prompt you to stop and jot down your thoughts. Follow along with your Whole-Person Health Journal.


If you haven’t please download and print the Whole-Person Health Journal.  You could also follow along (not print the journal) and write in your own journal… whatever feels right to you.

Make Sense of Your Whole-Person Health Journey

This video summarizes what you’ve learned and helps you reflect on how you might apply it to your own life.


Here’s a recap of what you learned in Module 1.

•Health is ultimately a form of self-care, and choosing to meet your health needs is one of the most powerful decisions you can make.
•Health is an ongoing journey; honor who and where you are right now and take it one step at a time.
•Taking a holistic approach to health allows you to make connections and recognize that you have endless options.
•Whole-person health is bio-individual; you’ll continually build a unique approach that aligns with your shifting needs and goals.
•Whole-person health is multidimensional and includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects that are all interconnected.