Welcome to Whole-Person Health!

In this program, you’ll learn the meaning of holistic health and how to approach it in ways that work for you. You’ll have the opportunity to explore your health goals, apply what you’ve learned to your life, and build your unique Whole-Person Health Plan based on your current priorities and circumstances. In short, this program will empower you to be your own health advocate.

We believe that health is an ongoing journey. Taking small, sustainable steps allows you to make choices that support your wellness goals long-term. It also makes it easier to adapt your approach as you and your circumstances change over time. By the end of the program, you’ll have a greater understanding of how to meet yourself where you are right now and create a plan for whole-person health that empowers you going forward.

We’re so excited to support you throughout your learning experience.

Program Description

What does it mean to be healthy, and how do you get there? There’s no shortage of tips and products that promise results – from diets and supplements to exercise programs and sleep remedies. However, the path to greater health is often confusing, and many people aren’t sure where to start or how to maintain it long-term. Everyone has different circumstances that continually change, just as they do. How do you know what really works for you? How do you make health not only manageable but enjoyable?

For the past 30 years, GR8 Life Tribe has been changing the landscape of health and wellness with our personalized approach to integrative health. In this program, you’ll explore some of the most impactful ways to support physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Welcome to Whole-Person Health

The first module will help set you up for success. You’ll  learn how the course is structured. We will explain GR8 Life Tribe’s multidimensional meaning of whole-person health and the value of personalizing your approach based on individual needs. You’ll also begin your health exploration by setting personal health goals that meet you where you are right now. By the end of this module, you’ll have a solid foundation for what to expect and how this course can help you build a healthy lifestyle that works for you.

Topics Covered:
•Benefits of a holistic approach to health
•What to expect from the program
•Setting personal health goals
•Reflecting on your holistic health journey

Physical Health: Nourish Yourself with Nutrition, Sleep, and Rest

In this module, we’ll highlight holistic approaches to physical health, including the core components of nutrition, sleep, and rest. You’ll learn about how to approach nutrition and strengthen immunity from your bio-individual perspective as well as the importance of honoring your body’s wake cycles, known as ultradian rhythms. You’ll explore how to incorporate more restful moments into your daily routine, promote health and longevity through lifestyle, and learn practical physical health tips for health coaching. By the end of the module, you’ll be prepared to make effective step-by-step shifts toward greater physical health.

Topics Covered:
•Holistic approaches to physical health
•Healthy basics and social factors that can impact nutrition
•The importance and impact of sleep and rest
•How ultradian rhythms can boost productivity

Mental Health: Manage Stress and Build Resilience

Enhancing mental health can come in many forms – including optimizing your relationship with stress, honoring emotions, and building resilience. In this module, you’ll explore core foundations of mental health. You will learn how to process emotions to cultivate mental strength, how stress plays a significant role in the mind-body connection, and practical mental health tips for health coaching. You’ll leave this module with tools and strategies to relieve symptoms of stress and support mental health in ways that promote long-term health and happiness.

Topics Covered:
•How stress affects the body
•How stress affects the mind
•Supporting yourself through stress
•Emotional processing for mental health

Emotional Health: Connect with Your Emotions and Cultivate Meaningful Relationships

In this module, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to tune in to your emotional health. You’ll learn to develop a meaningful relationship with all aspects of your personality and emotions and cultivate emotional intelligence in interpersonal relationships. You’ll also reflect on personal and collective trauma, explore how to strengthen your relationships with others, and learn practical emotional health tips for health coaching. By the end of the module, you’ll have tangible action steps to reconnect with yourself and foster meaningful relationships that support your overall well-being.

Topics Covered:
•Recognizing personal trauma
•Honoring past experiences that can support healing
•The importance and impact of your relationships with others

Spiritual Health: Honor Your Unique Self and Move Forward with Greater Purpose

As daily life continues to shift, connecting with spirituality is more important than ever. In this module, you’ll dive into spiritual health and spiritual awareness, which can help guide you in your ongoing wellness journey. You’ll learn how to honor all aspects of your personal identity as it changes over time and rewrite your personal narrative so your past does not define your future. You’ll explore how to leverage who you are to support personal growth and move toward your greater purpose and learn practical spiritual health tips for health coaching. You’ll leave the module with a strong spiritual foundation to carry forward into your whole-person health journey.

Topics Covered:
•Connecting with your personal identity
•Recognizing and honoring your purpose
•Utilizing spiritual alignment to connect with your purpose

Empower Yourself in Your Ongoing Whole-Person Health Journey

In the final module, we’ll recap key takeaways and prepare you for going out into the world with what you’ve learned. You’ll reflect on powerful whole-person health concepts and how you can continue integrating them into your daily life. We’ll help you create your Whole-Person Health Plan so you feel confident adapting your health journey in ways that work for you now and in the future. As you wrap up the course, you’ll be well-equipped to support yourself and others in building a holistic, personalized health approach.

Topics Covered:
•Key takeaways from Whole-Person Health
•Diving into the Whole-Person Health Plan


Please download and print the Whole-Person Health Journal.  You could also follow along (not print the journal) and write in your own journal… whatever feels right to you.