Try It Out

Now that you’ve heard from Coach Anna and several visiting teachers on the topic of emotional health, it’s time to reflect on what you’ve learned and how you’ll put it into practice in your life!

In this section, Coach Anna will guide you in two Try It Out lectures – one focused on your own emotional health and one focused on coaching others. Throughout the videos, she’ll prompt you to stop and jot down your thoughts. Follow along with your Whole-Person Health Journal.

After this exploration, we encourage you to complete the provided assignments to put what you’ve learned into practice. If you’d like to explore this topic further, check out some additional resources related to emotional health in the Content Library.

Make Sense of Your Emotional Health Journey

Coach Anna summarizes what you’ve learned and helps you reflect on how you might apply it to your own life.


Apply What You’ve Learned

Use the following activities to put what you’ve learned about emotional health into practice. While these activities aren’t mandatory, they’re valuable exercises to support your personal growth. Choose an activity to get started.

Make a Call

This will help you reconnect with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and strengthen your relationships.

Multidimensional Aspects of Emotional Health

This will help you reflect on the multidimensional aspects of connecting with your emotions and creating meaningful relationships and guide you in taking action steps in these areas of whole-person health.

Honoring Yourself Through the Eyes of Others

This activity will help you take a step back and appreciate yourself as others see you.


Here’s a recap of what you learned in Module 4.

  • Connecting with your emotions is a key component of emotional health.
  • Emotional exploration serves as the foundation for a supportive relationship with yourself.
  • Honoring past experiences, including trauma, can be an opportunity to get to know yourself better, support healing, and empower yourself.
  • Supporting your own emotional health helps you connect with others in more meaningful ways.
  • Social connection is a fundamental need, and investing energy in relationships supports ongoing emotional growth.