Connect with the Bigger Picture
Spiritual health is a personal journey, yet more than any other pillar of whole-person health, it’s tied to everything around you.

We’re All Connected

Part of spirituality is believing that we all come from the same place, even if we’re not sure exactly where that is. That’s often the intangible piece of spiritual connection. On a more concrete level, we’re all humans on this earth. We go about our daily lives, and we interact with one another and our environments. How we spend our time, where we spend our money, and how we connect with people are all essentially how we exchange energy, which affects those around us in ways we often cannot see. This is us being present in the world. The quality of our presence also matters. For example, we connect better and have a different effect when we’re listening fully and taking time to observe what’s happening around us.


Thinking about spiritual connection as energy relates to synchronicitySynchronicity(this link opens in a new window/tab)  is the idea that things are connected to each other in meaningful ways, even if they don’t appear directly related in terms of cause and effect. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a causal connection – it just means you can’t see it.

Imagine receiving a call from a friend you were just thinking about, hearing the same song in multiple places in one day, learning you have the same birthday as someone you’ve recently connected with, or seeing a book in a store window that looks exactly like the book you need at that point in time. How do these examples represent synchronicity? LEARN MORE (click the +)

Collective Energy

Spiritual health is the trust that we’re all connected to a collective energy – a greater energy that connects and unifies all of humanity. It’s the idea that your energy is connected to the energy of every other person.

Like other aspects of spirituality, you can’t always see collective energy. For example, you don’t know how your kindness to one person might inspire them to pay it forward, which inspires the next person to pay it forward, and so forth.

Think about all the people you look up to – all those people have positively affected your life in some way. It’s a two-way street! You affect so many people on a regular basis, and you’re helping people in so many ways, whether you know it or not.

This collective energy aspect of spiritual health is bio-individual. Some people connect with it through religion, which creates community under a collective set of ideas and beliefs, but this doesn’t resonate with everyone. Each of us is a part of many groups, and each group energizes us in different ways. You can also connect with this collective energy through meditation, prayer, nature, or dance. All these experiences can remind you that your energy is connected to everyone else’s energy.