An Introduction to Physical Health

In this section we explain GR8 Life Tribe’s approach to physical health and why taking a multidimensional approach is essential to whole-person health.

Key Terms

Select each term to learn what it means.

Caring for the physical body through nutrition and lifestyle choices that promote the body’s optimal functioning

Nutrients that the body needs in large amounts for optimal functioning

Nutrients that the body needs in relatively small amounts for optimal functioning

The amount of nutrients a food has in comparison to the amount of energy, or calories, it contains

A defense mechanism for the immune system that provides protection from anything that might harm the body, including chemicals, injuries, and pathogens

Adjusting the environmental temperature to promote the body’s natural resilience and boost physical health

The body’s internal clock, which coincides with 24-hour cycles

Wake-rest cycles that occur repeatedly every 80–120 minutes throughout a 24-hour period